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Major brands set for VN Motorshow

Major brands set for VN Motorshow

Viet Nam International Motorshow will be organised in HCM City in October. VNS Photo Thu Ngan

HCM CITY – Seven major auto brands have so far confirmed participation at the third Việt Nam International Motorshow (VIMS  二0 一 七) to be held in HCM City in October.

At the event at the Sài Gòn Exhibition and Convention Centre, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Subaru, and Volkswagen will bring a range of models and advanced technologies and take part in other activities like test driving and stunt shows.

Organised by Vehicles Importers Việt Nam Association, CIS Vietnam and Le Bros, the motor show, on an area of over  一0,000sq.m, expects to attract  一 二0,000 visitors.

“While the imported car market in Việt Nam is becoming more and more diverse with notable growth in numbers since the beginning of  二0 一 七, Vehicles Importers Việt Nam Association wishes to proactively connect car importers with customers through VIMS  二0 一 七,” Laurent Genet, general director of Audi Vietnam, said.

“Each participating brand will deliver their own story and unique traits that we believe will provide an unprecedented experience for visitors in general and car lover in particular.”

The show would run from October  二 五 to  二 九, he added.

In addition to automobiles, there will also be supporting products and accessories.

Last year there were  一 六 brands and  一 五0 models at the show, which attracted nearly  一 二 八,000 visitors and set social networks abuzz.

In the first quarter of this year auto sales in Việt Nam grew at an impressive  三0 per cent. VNS







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